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Nihongo Bunpo Enshu (Jokyu): Hanashite no Kimochi o Arawasu Hyogen
(Japanese Grammar Practice (Advanced): Expressions Indicating the Speakerfs Feelings)
Target Users General Learners
Reiko Saegusa & Kumiko Nakanishi

Using modal expressions and sentence final particles correctly is difficult even for advanced students of Japanese. With the aim of clearing up such difficulties, this text classifies related expressions and gives their basic meanings as well as shows the differences in meanings between similar expressions. By enabling the learner to understand the basic meaning and different usage of such expressions, the learner can correctly use such expressions according to the situation. The book is also an invaluable reference material for those in the Japanese language education field.

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Nihongo Bunpo Enshu (Jokyu): Hanashite no Kimochi o Arawasu Hyogen
(Japanese Grammar Practice kAdvancedl: Expressions Indicating the Speakerfs Feelings)
\1,300 B5/84

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