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Hanaso Kangaeyo Shokyu Nihon Jijo (Shintei Ban)
(Thinking and Talking about Japan: New Edition)
Target Users General Learners

ž Japan Now Project ž

Welcome to the new edition of Thinking and Talking about Japan. The book has been revamped and up-to-date information included. Aimed at people who wish to learn about Japan in Japanese while progressing from the beginner level, Part I, Seikatsu (Life), covers things close to people's daily life, such as writing addresses, making telephone calls, disposing of garbage, etc., Part 2, Chiri (Geography), examines such things as the country of Japan, the year in Japan, the population, etc., and Part 3, Shakai (Society), deals with food, dwellings, the birthrate, life expectancy, etc. Parts 2 and 3 will enable the user to read and understand General Studies material as studied at Japanese high schools.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Hanaso Kangaeyo Shokyu Nihon Jijo: Shintei Ban
(Thinking and Talking About Japan: New Edition)
1,000 B5/74

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