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Ippo Nihongo Sanpo: Kurashi no Nihongo Kyoshitsu Shokyu
(Step One, Step Two, Step Three: Japanese Lessons for Daily Life - Elementary)
Target Users General Learners

Kazuko Shukuya and Chiaki Tenbo

A great textbook for inexperienced or volunteer teachers.....
Here is a Japanese language textbook series for foreigners living in regional parts of Japan or being taught in volunteer classes. Book 1 is structured so that the learner can study hiragana and katakana while at the same time studying basic conversation and grammar, thereby enabling those who cannot read Japanese characters to start their studies immediately. The accompanying enhanced CD can be used with a CD player to listen to recordings of the conversations found in the book as well as with a computer to print up the word lists (available in English, Chinese and Korean) and illustrations for use in class.

The second book in the series continues on from book one. Packed with conversations and examples closely related to daily life, the book allows for enjoyable study. Grammar is studied in a simple step-by-step process, allowing the learner to grasp it in a slow but steady manner. The book is structured in such a way that as the learner studies the grammar and conversations he/she also studies 80 kanji.

As with book 1, on the enhanced CD, on top of a recording of all the conversations, can be found a list of all the new vocabulary translated into English, Chinese and Korean, a set of illustrations (around 130) and kanji cards (80 cards), all of which can be printed up for use in class.

With teaching advice and points at the bottom of each page, these books are ideal for volunteers/inexperienced teachers.
Vocabulary list (book 1) (PDF file)
Vocabulary list (book 2) (PDF file)

The audio content to the books can be downloaded at the following sites:

Book 1: http://www.3anet.co.jp/ja/5463/
Book 2: http://www.3anet.co.jp/ja/5465/

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN

Ippo Nihongo Sanpo: Kurashi no Nihongo Kyoshitsu 1 (Step One, Step Two, Step Three: Japanese for Daily Life - Elementary 1)


1 CD

Ippo Nihongo Sanpo: Kurashi no Nihongo Kyoshitsu 2 (Step One, Step Two, Step Three: Japanese for Daily Life - Elementary 2)


1 CD

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