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Shadoingu de Nihongo Hatsuon Ressun
(Japanese Pronunciation Practice through Shadowing)
Target Users General Learners

Takako Toda (Editor), Masako Okubo, Yukiko Kamiyama, Reiko Konishi & Kiyomi Fukui

The unnatural pronunciation of Japanese can have a big influence on communication, creating a childish impression and making the speaker's ability seem lower than it actually is. This book, using the technique known as 'shadowing', assists the learner of Japanese to pronounce the language more smoothly and correctly.

Each chapter consists of a 'Text', 'Pronunciation Points', 'Practice Exercises' and 'Check/Notes' section, and one chapter can be completed within 10 to 15 minutes, making it easy to include short pronunciation exercises in class. Moreover, with the text sections dealing with such subjects as Japanese culture, sightseeing attractions and proverbs, pronunciation practice can be done enjoyably and without becoming dull.

With a separate booklet including translations in English, Chinese, and Korean, the book can also be easily used for self-study.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Shadoingu de Nihongo Hatsuon Ressun
(Japanese Pronunciation Practice through Shadowing)
1,400 A5/80
Separate booklet: 20/
1 CD

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