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Kaitei Ban Nihongo Chukyu J301
(Intermediate Japanese J301- Revised Edition)
Lower Intermediate
Target Users General Learners

◇ Hiroko Ishizawa, Koko Shin'uchi, Masaaki Seki, Sumiko Tonosaki, Fumiya Hirataka, Yoshiko Tsuruo & Satoshi Toki ◇

Aimed at those who have completed 300 hours of study, this reading comprehension book features sections entitled 'Before Reading' and 'Text Structure.' The 'Before Reading' section prepares learners for the main text and the 'Text Structure' section outlines the text's meaning and structure. Together they enable learners to utilize what they have learnt and train their reading and writing abilities. Grammatical explanations and exercises are included.

Main Revision Points
  ・ Out of date topics have been revised and grammar items changed.
  ・ Comes with a CD that was previously sold separately.
  ・ A separate Answer Booklet is now included.
  ・ The previously separately sold Teacher's Manual can now be downloaded from the Web.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Kai Tei Ban Nihongo Chukyu J301: English
(Intermediate Japanese J301 English - Revised Edition)
\2,500 B5/188 + 46 paged booklet + 1 CD

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