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Shoronbun eno 12 no Suteppu (Short Essays in 12 Steps)
Lower Intermediate
Target Users General Learners
Etsuko Tomomatsu

When writing a logical short essay, what is needed is the use of appropriate expressions, correct structure, and the logical construction of the whole essay, not a meandering list of a personfs impressions or subjective feelings. However, such an ability to express oneself cannot be acquired in a short space of time. In this book, essay-style writing is broken down into 12 basic steps, allowing the learner to study such subjects as eHow to use punctuation and symbols,f eSwitching from spoken language to written language,f eHow to write objectively,f eHow to make a summary,f eHow to use quotations,f etc. Each chapter begins with the learner reading an explanation of the basic points, and then trying to write an actual short piece. Laying the groundwork in this manner, from the first stage and then onwards in 12 steps, the learner can build up his or her essay writing ability.

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Shoronbun eno 12 no Suteppu (Short Essays in 12 Steps)

(accompanying booklet: 32 pages)


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