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Goiryoku Gun Gun Ichinichi Juppun
(Ten Minutes a Day Vocabulary Build-up)
Upper Intermediate
Target Users General Learners
Kiriko Kawano, Hitomi Noguchi & Aya Mahara

Aimed at the intermediate and advanced study of onomatopoeia, mimetic words and phrasal expressions, this text is broken down into one-page themes in a quiz format, allowing for quick study in spare time or free moments, for example, during class warm-up, wind-down or rest periods.

Word composition and meaning are presented in such a way that once they have been understood, the learner can naturally make analogies with other words and expressions and easily memorize the term under examination. The individual exercises have been presented as much as possible in conversational language, so that the learner can understand how to use the expressions in real situations. Comes with a separate gPoints to Remember, Exercise Answers and Commentaryh section.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Goiryoku Gun Gun Ichinichi Juppun
(Ten Minutes a Day Vocabulary Build-up)
\800 A5/63

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