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Bunya Betsu Katakana Goi Toreningu
(Katakana Vocabulary Training)

Intermediate and Beyond
Target Users General Learners

Setsuko Shimano, Akemi Sera, Hiroko Tsujino, Hisai Tsumagata, Yoko Nagami, and Sonoe Yamaoka

This book aims at the acquirement of the katakana words needed for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students, not to mention words useful in everyday life. Aimed at those at the end of the beginner stage, this book has the distinctive characteristic of grouping katakana words into more than 22 individual categories, including efood,f etechnology,f ebusiness,f epolitics,f etc., introducing them in easily understandable examples, and providing plenty of exercises to assist with their comprehension. Toward the back of the book can be found reference words related to the environment, IT, and color.

All entries are translated into English, Chinese and Korean.

This book was originally published as 'Complete Master Series- The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Levels 1/2 Katakana Vocabulary. The content is exactly the same.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN

Bunya Betsu Katakana Goi Toreningu
(Katakana Vocabulary Training)

1,300 B5/176
Separate booklet: 24

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