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Shosetsu Miraa-san
(Mr. Miller - A Novel)
Beginner:Minna no Nihongo Series
Target Users General Learners

◇Yuta Yokoyama◇

The Novelisation of Minna no Nihongo!
For those who have completed elementary Japanese language study, here is a novel about Mike Miller, the main character of the Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks. The story progresses in line with the presentation of the conversations, example sentences, exercises, questions, etc., found in Minna no Nihongo I, and the more the person has studied the more he/she can enjoy the novel.

Because is it written using the vocabulary and grammar found in Minna no Nihongo Elementary I and II, it is ideal as an extensive reading material after completing elementary level studies. Moreover, the learner can enjoy the sense of accomplishment in having read a whole novel in Japanese.

As each of the 18 short stories in the book is a complete episode in itself, the book can also be easily used in class.

Target users: Learners who have completed elementary-level study and Japanese language teachers

Author: Yuta Yokoyama Writer and Japanese language teacher. Winner of the 57th New Face Literary Prize and nominated for the 151st Akutagawa Prize for Wagahai wa Neko Ninaru (Kodansha).

There are a few words and expressions in the novel not found in the Minna no Nihongo Elementary I and II textbooks. For their translation, please click here.


Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Shosetsu Miraa-san
(Mr. Miller - A Novel)

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