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Shin Kanzen Masuta Kanji: Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N2
(New Complete Master Series - The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2 Kanji)
Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Target Users General Learners

Reiko Ishii, Hideko Suzuki, Masako Aoyagi, Junko Ono, Noriko Kimura, Akiko Saito, Asa Shioda, Masuyo Sugiyama, Naoko Matsuda, Yasuyo Minemura, Masami Murakami, Kazumi Moriya, and Hiroko Yamazaki

This book is a revised edition of eKanzen Masuta Kanji Nihongo Noryoku Shiken Reberu 2 (Complete Master Series: Level Two Kanji)f. The book shows the learner how to read and use the 1,046 kanji required for the N2 Level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. How kanji and kanji words are studied has been revised, and emphasis has been placed on practice that allows the learner to gain practical knowledge of kanji and how to use them. The learnerfs kanji ability is gradually increased in three steps, allowing the learner to become familiar with kanji in a natural and easy manner.

Structure:@53 chapters + 2 chapters of mock test questions + 6 chapters of test exercises

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Shin Kanzen Masuta Kanji Nihongo Noryoku Shiken: N2
(New Complete Master Series - The Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2 Kanji)
1,400 B5/121
Separate booklet 1/79
Separate booklet 2/38
1 CD

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