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NewCompleteMaster N2 Word Book
新完全マスター単語 日本語能力試験N2


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With this App, you can hear all the headwords and reading passages found in the textbook “新完全マスター単語 日本語能力試験N2 重要2200語”.

I 単語
You can memorize the 2,200 words according to their part of speech or category. Each section consists of around 25 words. You can confirm the pronunciation with the recording. Above the words to be learnt is a box. Tick this box to indicate you have learnt the word.

II ✓単語
Words you haven’t ticked as learnt are shown here. Use this section to confirm which words you still need to learn.

III 読んでみよう
There are 16 reading passages of about 500 words long. You can read the passages while listening to them being read aloud.

IV 設定
・“ふりがな ON/OFF” … Turn on or off the phonetic readings of the kanji.
・“音声自動再生 ON/OFF” …When “ON”, the audio will automatically play when the words and reading passages are displayed.
・“✓単語 RESET” …This resets the check boxes to their default setting.


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