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Minna no Nihongo Chukyu Kurikaeshite Oboeru Tangocho
(Vocabulary Workbooks)
Lower Intermediate: Minna no Nihongo Series
Target Users General Learners
◇ Edited by 3A Corporation◇

The vocabulary practice workbooks to be used in conjunction with Minna no Nihongo Chukyu I & II, they enable the learner to confirm, organize and firmly fix in his/her mind the new vocabulary found in each chapter of the main texts.

There are exercises to confirm the reading of the all the new vocabulary, regardless of whether the learner is from a kanji or non-kanji using country. Various types of exercises are employed to keep an often dull part of language learning interesting. An answer column is provided on the right-hand side of each page, and various exercises on the same page allow the learner to practice, in terms of reading and meaning, the same word two or three times.

They are also useful for the instructor to check the learner's language acquisition level, to ensure the learner is getting most out of class.

They come with a star graded list of the new vocabulary, from three stars (You really need to remember) to no stars (Would be good if you knew), at the end of each book to clarify learning goals for the learner.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Minna no Nihongo Chukyu I Kurikaeshite Oboeru Tangocho
(Vocabulary Workbook)
\900 B5/80 Separate booklet/16 978-4-88319-709-5
Minna no Nihongo Chukyu II Kurikaeshite Oboeru Tangocho
(Vocabulary Workbook)
\900 B5/84 Separate booklet/16 978-4-88319-738-5

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