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Life in Japan
Quality Management
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Dictionaries and Non-Japanese Language-Teaching Materials
We also publish some general Japanese dictionaries and glossaries of technical terms developed to satisfy the requirements of technical training, all containing carefully-selected vocabularies and clear usage examples. Our materials for studying Asian languages such as Thai and Korean have been adopted by a wide range of educational institutions including universities.

Japan Briefings
Our list of publications includes manuals containing up-to-date information to help foreign residents solve the problems they face while living in Japan and in dealing with educational institutions; books introducing Japan and the Japanese way of life; and video tapes packed with excellent advice on how to get by in Japan without difficulty.

Books on General Subjects
We also devote a great deal of effort to our cross-cultural library of general works in Japanese on the theme of cross-cultural understanding and international exchange, focusing mainly on general affairs in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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