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  Texts for Children
E de Wakaru Kantan Kanji 80 (Simple Kanji through Pictures - 80) E de Wakaru Kantan Kanji 160 (Simple Kanji through Pictures - 160) E de Wakaru Kantan Kanji 200 (Simple Kanji through Pictures - 200)
Kodomo no Nihongo (Japanese for Children) Kodomo no Nihongo E-Kaado (Japanese for Children Illustrated Sheets) Jido・Seito no Tame no Nihongo Waiwai Katsudoshu
(Fun Classroom Activities for the Child Learner of Japanese)
Maria to Ken no Isshoni Nihongo ‘Manabi’ ni Tsunagaru 16 no Katsudo (Studying Japanese with Maria and Ken: 16 Activities)

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