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Bijinesu Pason no Shokyu Nichijo Kaiwa (Let's Work It Out!: Office Japanese for Beginners)
Target Users General Learners/Business People

ž Michiko Miyazaki, Sachiko Goshi, Nami Kurita, Yoshiko Inagaki & Mayumi Uematsu ž

A beginner text for business people who wish to chat to their colleagues in Japanese, the book focuses on conversation practice, while imparting basic Japanese grammar, allowing the learner to acquire practical conversational skills in a quick and effective manner. The conversations are all based around the enjoyable story of a young company employee recently transferred to Tokyo. All of the conversations and vocabulary are translated into English. Grammar explanations are also given in English.

The accompanying CD includes the book's Introduction to the Japanese Language, Greetings and Set Phrases, Conversations and Exercises.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN
Bijinesu Pason no Shokyu Nichijo Kaiwa (Let's Work It Out: Office Japanese for Beginners)

1 CD


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