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Minna no Nihongo Chokai Tasuku 25
(Listening Comprehension Tasks) (OUT OF PRINT)
Beginner: Minna no Nihongo Series
Target Users General Learners
Akiko Makino, Yone Tanaka, & Itsuko Kitagawa

Listening comprehension texts that correspond to the main subjects of study in Minna no Nihongo I and II, these books are constructed so that the user is directly involved in the scenarios and dialogues, and can therefore more precisely grasp any essential information being conveyed in the task exercises. The books faithfully match the sentence patterns and vocabulary presented in the main texts, and any new words are also given in English, Chinese and Korean. As well as assisting with listening comprehension practice, the books also have the added advantage of helping the user learn how to take part in conversations through listening to them. Each book comes with CDs.

Title Price Size/Pages ISBN browse
Minna no Nihongo I Chokai Tasuku 25
(Listening Comprehension Tasks I)

2 bcs

Minna no Nihongo II Chokai Tasuku 25
(Listening Comprehension Tasks II)

3 CDs


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