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3A Corporation Online@Company Outline

The name 3A Corporation is derived from the first letter of the three continents where most of the world's developing countries are found, namely, Asia, Africa and Latin America, all of which are linked to 3A Corporation's work in a network of friendship. While 3A Corporation's activities were originally concentrated in the developing countries, in recent years, our work has expanded to include the United States, Australia and Europe.

Established: 28 July 1973
Staff: 36
President: Masako Fujisaki
Head Office: Publishing, Sales and Overseas Departments
Trusty Kojimachi Building, 2F, 3-4, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0083, Japan
Main Business Activities Publishing
The planning, editing and publishing of Japanese language study texts, particularly the Minna no Nihongo series of texts, quality management books in English, as well as books introducing Japan and on cross-culture.

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