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Kanji and Kanji Words: Level 3 Online

Write Now! Online

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Welcome to 3A Corporation's English home page. Here you will find information on all of 3A Corporation's Japanese language learning products, ranging from the all the books and materials in the Minna no Nihongo Japanese language learning series, to our books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, to Write Now! Kanji for Beginners, a book that also has an interactive online application on our homepage. You can also find out information on where you can buy our books no matter where you are in the world by clicking on the following: overseas bookshops that handle our books.
Minna no Nihongo Shokyu II Second Edition Chokai Task 25 Combined Grammar Listening Elementary 2 BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test Skill Improvement Workbook: Listening Comprehension/ Combined Listening and Reading Comprehension - Second Edition
BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test Skill Improvement Workbook: Reading Comprehension - Second Edition Penetrating Contemporary Japan: Advanced Japanese for International Students - From Reading Comprehension to Conversation and Composition - Third Edition Intermediate Level Business Japanese Study through Role-Plays - From Job Hunting to Joining a Company
Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I Second Edition Burmese Translation Shin Kanzen Master N4 Listening Comprehension Shin Kanzen Master N2 Word Book
Minna no Nihongo Shokyu I Second Edition Chokai Task 25 Shin Kanzen Master N3 Vocabulary Reading Training for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students - Lower Intermediate - Newly Revised Edition
Mr. Miller - A Novel Studying Nursing Care Japanese for the First Time Combined Grammar Listening Elementary 1

Shin Kanzen Master  
・Shin Kanzen Master N4 Kanji (N4 Chinese Characters) - October 2018

・Elementary-Level Kanji Workbook 1 - August 2018
・Elementary-Level Kanji Workbook 2 - October 2018

・Ippo Nihongo Sanpo 3 - September 2018
・Listening, Thinking, Talking: Beginner Japanese Conversation for Overseas Students - Revised Edition - December 2018




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Click here to find out which of our textbooks now comes with free audio content to download or stream.

Minna no Nihongo Main Text CDs Now Available for Downloading/Streaming!
The audio content of the CDs accompanying Minna no Nihongo I and II Main Texts, as well as other Minna no Nihongo texts, is now available for free downloading or streaming. Click here for more details.
Kanji and Kanji Words: Level 3 Online
Click here to see how the kanji and kanji words in 3-kyuhen Reibun de Manabu Kanji to Kotoba (Studying Kanji and Kanji Words Through Examples: Level 3) are written.
Write Now! Online

To have a look at our new interactive Write Now! kanji online page, and to see how the kanji characters are actually written, click on the book cover.

Articles and Articles on using Minna no Nihongo in the classroom
Thinking of using Minna no Nihongo, but not sure how it works? Are you a non-native speaker teacher using Minna no Nihongo and interested in getting teacher feedback in English? Click on the link above to download leaflets/articles on the series. We will be adding more leaflets/articles over time.
Seminars on how to practically use Japanese language textbooks
Here you will find a link to a series of seminars on how to use selected 3A textbooks practically and effectively in the classroom. (Please note that as this is for Japanese language teachers, it is written in Japanese.)

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