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Business Japanese - Intmd.2
人を動かす! 実戦ビジネス日本語会話 中級2


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This App is for use with “Practical Japanese Conversation for Business People – Intermediate 2.” You can hear the same audio content as found on the CD that comes with the book.

Each lesson has a theme-based “Dialog” and two “Conversation Practice” sections, and through the use of the App these can be practiced using any of three methods: listening, shadowing or roleplaying. Being able to do roleplay practice is a distinctive feature of the App. Use this App to effectively brush up your business conversation skills.
※Lesson 1 on this App is free of charge. From Lesson 2 onwards there is a charge of 120 yen (tax included).

※To be most effective, this App should be used in conjunction with the book “Practical Japanese Conversation for Business People – Intermediate 2.” However, it can be used even without the book.

Table of contents
Lesson 1 Greeting those who have supported you
Lesson 2 Making a proposal to a client
Lesson 3 Holding a party for a project
Lesson 4 Dealing with trouble
Lesson 5 Talking about moving
Lesson 6 Having a lunch meeting
Lesson 7 Getting approached with a business idea
Lesson 8 Talking about work with your wife
Lesson 9 Discussing with your business partner (an associate company to a medical treatment corporation)

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