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Buying 3A Corporationfs Books
Two frequently asked question we often receive by email or letter at 3A are gI live in so and so, can you tell me where I can buy your books?h and gCan I order this book from you directly?h 3A is basically a publishing house and therefore doesnft deal, for the time being at least, with orders from private individuals. Of course, where you can purchase our books depends on very much where you live - inside or outside Japan - and, if outside of Japan, specifically where. Fortunately, no matter where you live, there is normally someone or somewhere you can contact for our books.


Inside Japan
The first thing to remember is that, no matter where you live in Japan, any decent-sized bookshop can supply you with our books, even if they donft ordinarily stock them. Simply give details of the book (title, ISBN number, name of publishing company, etc.) to a shop assistant in the shop (please note, however, that 3A Corporationfs name in Japanese is 3A Network, written in katakana).

Obviously if you live in any of the major cities, there should be no problem, as large bookshops such as Kinokuniya and Maruzen are usually found near major stations. These large bookshops often have foreign language sections and sections on learning Japanese. Often our books can be found at such places.

If, however, you live in an out-of-the-way place, and have trouble getting to any bookshop, you can contact any of the following bookshops by mail or fax to order our books (please note that you can order from these companies from abroad as well). Their contact details are as follows:

Bonjinsha Kojimachi Bookshop
8F, Hulic Hirakawacho Building, 1-3-13 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0093, Japan
Tel: 03-3239-8673 Fax: 03-3238-9125

Nihongo Shoten Sogakusha
BF Building 3F, Kanda-Jimbocho 1-38, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101, Japan
Tel: 03-3219-2511 Fax: 03-3219-2512


Outside Japan
If you live outside of Japan, depending on where you are, things can be more difficult. If you are in a remote area or a place with no bookshops selling Japanese language textbooks, the best idea is probably to contact the seller nearest to your geographical location. For the UK, JP-Books, Grant & Cutler at Foyles, and the Japan Book Centre, all in London, will accept orders. For continental Europe, Roellin Books, based in Switzerland, is your best bet.

Kinokuniya Bookstores has a number of branches in the U.S. (LA., New York, San Francisco, etc.), and also has a number of branches in East and Southeast Asia and one in Australia (see list below). Australia also has its own outlet in the Intext Book Company, which can also be contacted online, and is probably the most convenient outlet (wholesale and retail) for people all over Australasia.

Another means of ordering our books overseas is online via White Rabbit Press, a Tokyo-based company that can deal with orders from all over the world.

Please go to the following link for a list of sellers around the world who deal in our books: overseas bookshops that handle our books.


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