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・May we have two seats next to each other, please?


・I’d like to buy a sim card. What kind of price plan do you have?


・Where is the Delta Airlines check in counter?


・May I have my passport back, please?

・え~!ベルトも取るんですか? くつも?

・Do I need to remove my belt? Shoes, too??


・Is this correct?



・Excuse me. We’ve been waiting for a long time and we are in a bit of a hurry.


・What’s in this dish? What does it taste like? Is it spicy?


・Which of these dishes has no eggs in it?


・Could you give us separate bills?


・I think we have been charged for something we didn’t order. Can you please check our bill again?


・What is this charge for?



・I would like to go to *****. Would you tell me when we get near to the stop?


・About how much is it to ******?


・Which bus goes to the art museum?


・I would like to change my seat because this one is wet.


・Excuse me. Your elbow has been hitting me in the side for quite a while.


・Can you refund the deposit for this transportation card later?


・Where am I on this map?


・I would like to go to ****** station. What line should I use and what platform?


・I would like to have a window/aisle seat.


・I’ve lost my ticket. How much is the fare from ****** station?


・Can I change to an earlier/ a later train?


・Does this car have a car navigation system? How much is a car with a navigation system?



・There is no hot water in my room. Can you repair it ASAP?


・The laptop I rented won’t start up. Can you exchange it for another one?


・Could you recommend a good but reasonably priced restaurant near here?


・Would you keep the taxi waiting until my colleague comes down?


・May I have a receipt for the hotel deposit I paid when I checked in?


・Can I have the Wi-Fi ID and password of this hotel?


・Would you keep my baggage until check-in time?


・I sent a box to the front desk a couple of days ago. Did you receive it?


What is this charge for? I have never used this. I’m afraid this is wrong. Can you check this again?



・I’ve heard there is an organic hand cream made by this company. Do you carry it?


・The Internet connection is very poor. Where can I find a good Internet spot?


・Do you have this in a paler red?


・How much is the consumer tax in this state?


・Can you grind these coffee beans for a paper drip coffee maker, please.


・How many in a box?/How many pieces are in the box? Can I try one? Can I have three boxes?


・I am looking for a get-well present. What fruit would you recommend?


・Which microwave oven is top-selling?


・Are you giving anything away?



・I hope that you will persevere and achieve this work with patience. I know you can do it.


・OK. Let’s go!


・Hello. I am ●●. And this is ◎◎ from 〇〇. We have an appointment with Mr./Ms. △△ at 10.
Would you tell him/her that we are here.


・When should I reply to you by?


・Does it make sense to do it this way?



・Thank you in advance.


・It is thanks to you that I could get to ******.



・I have a sore throat and fever. Have I got a cold?



・Excuse me. May I take pictures in this museum?



・What seat would you recommend?



・Where do you recommend as a relaxing resort area in New Zealand?


・I've lost something. What should I do?

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