JLPT Moji/Goi N5 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N5 Characters/Vocabulary Points & Practice

The JLPT: Points and Practice series is a collection of questions and pointers to help you acquire the minimum skills required to pass the JLPT exam in a short period of time. In this book you will study N5-level characters and vocabulary.

The book is divided into two parts: Questions Part and List Part. In the Questions Part, you will try to answer questions by yourself, and in the List Part you can confirm if your answers were correct or not and read explanations of questions you didn’t understand and why you possibly got them wrong. As you study in this way, you will learn N5-level vocabulary (288 words) and kanji (98 characters).

For learning the vocabulary, the authors have carefully selected the most important words that are likely to be come up in the exam based on the analysis of various materials. The kanji are designed to be memorized by relating them to vocabulary, making it easier for learners who are not good at kanji.

All the questions come with explanations in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, so the book is ideal for self-study.

Target users: Those aiming to take the N5-level JLPT.
Level: Lower beginner
Structure: Main book: 20-section Questions Part, 1 Mock Text, and 20-section List Part
Separate booklet: Script, answers, and explanations
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translations: English, Chinese and Vietnamese

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    JLPT Moji/Goi N5 Pointo &Purakutisu Onsei

JLPT Moji/Goi N5 Pointo & Purakutisu


JLPT Moji/Goi N5 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N5 Characters/Vocabulary Points & Practice

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