Toite Manabo Ryugakusei no Shushoku Katsudo Study through Solving: Job Hunting for International Students

This is a collection of exercises and questions for international students who wish to work at Japanese companies. The purpose is to help students understand the process and language needed for job hunting in Japan through practice questions and thereby acquire the necessary Japanese language proficiency.

The book covers eight themes related to job hunting: self-analysis,
industry/occupation/company research, visiting seniors/people you have connections with concerning their companies, writing a letter showing your reasons for applying for a job, creating application documents, participating in internships, participating in explanatory meetings, and interviews. In this way, the student can follow the actual flow of job-hunting.

Each lesson consists of the following three steps, so the student can learn in step by step:
Step 1: The student studies the words and knowledge necessary for the lesson.
Step 2: Through listening comprehension, listening/reading comprehension, and reading comprehension questions/exercises, the student deepens his/her understanding of job hunting in Japan.
Step 3: Total completion of the lesson

By thinking about the answers individually or in groups and then checking the explanations, the aim is for students to be able to think actively and independently while they prepare for job hunting.

This book is designed to help students smoothly start job hunting in Japan.

Level: Intermediate and above
Table: Mixed kanji and kana
Translations: English, Chinese & Vietnamese (vocabulary list only)
Composition: 8 lessons in total

The audio of the conversations and written question answer sheets can be accessed from the “Auxiliary Study/Teaching Materials” section below. (Scheduled to be released in mid-December 2023)

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Toite Manabo Ryugakusei no Shushoku Katsudo


Toite Manabo Ryugakusei no Shushoku Katsudo Study through Solving: Job Hunting for International Students

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