JLPT Moji/Goi N3 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N3 Characters/Vocabulary Points & Practice

The JLPT Points & Practice series is a collection of questions and pointers to help you acquire the minimum skills required to pass the JLPT exam in a short period of time.
In this book you will study N3-level characters and vocabulary.

First of all, in the Questions Part, you will have attempt at the questions. Next you will check the answers while going over the explanations (this will allow you to confirm what you don’t know), and finally, while going over the List Part, you should try to look carefully at the meaning and usage of the words and the way the kanji are written and read.

By studying in this way, your existing knowledge will become organized, and you will become aware of the vocabulary and kanji you don’t know and thereby learn what you do need to know at the N3 level.

For the vocabulary to be studied in the List Part, the authors have carefully selected important words (about 500 words) that are likely to be asked in the exam based on their frequency of usage and statistical information.
About 180 kanji found in the words under study are picked out for learning, and in this way, the burden of study on those not good at kanji is greatly reduced and learning efficiency enhanced.
The answers and explanations of the questions come with English, Chinese, and Vietnamese translation, so the book is ideal for self-study.

Target: Those wishing to take the N3 JLPT
Level: Upper beginner to intermediate
Structure: Main Text: Question Part (30 sections), Mock Text, and List Part (30 sections)
Separate volume: Answers and explanations
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translation: English, Chinese, and Vietnamese

JLPT N3 Moji/Goi Pointo & Purakutisu

JLPT Moji/Goi N3 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N3 Characters/Vocabulary Points & Practice

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