JLPT Chokai N3 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N3 Listening Comprehension JLPT N3 Listening Comprehension

JLPT N3 Listening Comprehension: Points and Practice is a collection of questions and pointers showing you how to tackle questions to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The book has the four following features:
1. You can acquire the minimum ability required to pass the test in a short period of time.
2. You can practice the questions in the same format as in the actual exam.
3. The book provides extensive commentary, so can be used for self-study.
4. The basic items that are likely to appear in the exam are summarized in list form, so you can learn efficiently.

This book consists of a questions part, a mock test, and a list part.
The “Questions Part” section is made up of 12 Lessons, and you will come to understand the flow of the listening comprehension questions and points you should seize upon, such as overviewing the whole situation presented in the question, how to tackle immediate response questions, comprehending the task required, and thereby learn how to listen efficiently. In the “Mock Test” section, you can check how well you are doing by taking a test in the same format as the actual exam.

The “List Part” section covers 20 areas such as “Honorifics” and “Spoken Language” that often appear in the exam, and “intonation” that comes up in the listening comprehension questions, etc. This section also provides example sentences using the expressions.

Using illustrations and tables, the book has been devised to make learning visually
enjoyable. Not only are correct answers given in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, but also why other answers are incorrect is explained.

You can listen to the audio content on our website as well as on the attached CDs.
We plan to publish a total of 20 books in this series, covering Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Listening Comprehension for all levels, from N1 to N5.
Target: Those wishing to take the N3 JLPT
Level: Upper beginner to lower intermediate
Main book: Questions Part: 12 Lessons; Mock Test; List Part: 20 items
Separate volume: Script, answers and explanations
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translation: English, Chinese and Vietnamese
Study time: 1 lesson = 45 minutes

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    JLPT Chokai N3 Pointo & Purakutisu Onsei

JLPT Chokai N3 Pointo & Purakutisu

JLPT Chokai N3 Pointo & Purakutisu JLPT N3 Listening Comprehension JLPT N3 Listening Comprehension

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