Joge Rubi de Manabu Kaigo no Kanji Kotoba Learning Long-Term Care Kanji Words through Kana Readings

In recent years, the number of foreigners working in the field of long-term care is increasing. In order for people working in long-term care to provide good care, they must learn the mindset required as well as the language used in long-term care settings. The words used in long-term care are different from the words used in daily life, and kanji that are difficult even for Japanese people are often used, making them difficult to learn and use. This book is a teaching material for foreign learners to efficiently learn basic kanji words (such as 「入浴」 [bathing], 「褥瘡」[bedsores], etc.) used in the field of long-term care.

In this book both upper and lower kana readings are provided, the upper reading providing the meaning and the lower reading providing the easy way of saying it in daily life (meaning), and by so doing we have provided a visually easier way to remember both the meaning and reading of the kanji.

Moreover, conversations between staff members and facility users, as well example sentences used in long-term care written records, are provided to enable the learner to grasp what to say in specific situations and how to complete records properly.

There are 20 units in total, each covering a specific situation, and each unit has exercises.

The learner can also confirm the reading and meaning of the learned kanji words using the attached red sheet.

Target user: Foreign learners studying at a long-term care training institution and foreign learners working at a long-term care facility
Level: From the end of the beginner level to the latter half of the intermediate level
Number of words studied: 373 kanji words in the field of long-term care
Orthography: Kanji with kana readings
Translations: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian (only some vocabulary)

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    Learning Long-Term Care Kanji Words through Kana Readings

Joge Rubi de Manabu Kaigo no Kanji Kotoba Learning Long-Term Care Kanji Words through Kana Readings

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    Nihongo no kai Company Union
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    Separate volume: 16 (解答)

  • ISBN: 9784883198825

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